Corporate Events

Themed Corporate Events

Services and Character Performers

- Logistics consultation

- Strolling Knights

- Strolling Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court

- Strolling Bards

- Strolling Minstrels

- Jousting knights and horses (Tournament show)

- Early music wind ensembles

- Fire jugglers

- Dancers and drummers

- Falconers

- Jesters

- Comedic beggars

- Rogue swordsmen

- Serving wenches

- Mythical creatures

- Miscellaneous character actors

The Knights of The Guild are pleased to conduct themed entertainment for corporate events, and have been retained by such companies as Marriott, USAA, and Southwest Research to produce amazing experiences for their clients and staff. From appearances by knights and warhorses to dazzling medieval banquets with a myriad of professional period performers, The Knights of The Guild are veterans when it comes to providing event planners the option to bring the magic of Camelot to their patrons.

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